about the Pop up project space – Saturday 30th November 2013………

Stag head

Here’s some images from last weeks Pop up project. Taken by photographer and lecturer Antony, Arrowsmith.

View of pop up space from Kitchen

The pop up project was not intended as a craft shop, a market stall, a public gallery, or a retail shop, but a place where you can come and browse, buy, commission, talk, discuss…..and enjoy.

It’s a project that Kath and I had been working on for a while, experimenting with the interior space, making and designing things, doing the things we love.

For me this was quite retrospective enabling me to reflect on pieces and processes I’ve been involved with in the last 10 years especially.

white canvas textile

The curatorial process to the project has made visible some of the processes that are evident in my day – to -day activity.  For instance, masking off the hallway above the dado rail with sheets of ledger paper was particularly carthatic. In this space, Jaspers (the three yr olds) coloured drawings are still evident below the dado rail, and for me expose the way we respond to our immediate surroundings- use, perform and co exist in our domestic space. This has thrown up some interesting questions that I would like to carry on exploring.

The event was so successful we’ve decided to do it again tomorrow. One again, light sculptures, book art, paper products and fabric pieces available.

Birds and light


Corsage mirror


Branching Out – Festive Concepts for a Domestic Space, Pop Up Event Saturday 30th November 2013

This is the first of a series of projects I have been developing, which will be staged in a domestic space.

is a collaboration between myself and Katherine Clewett

is a collaboration between myself and Katherine Clewett









Katherine and I were very excited to be working on this project together; the concept ‘Branching Out‘ of which was born out of a genuine desire to expand the perimetres of our own contemporary practices, whilst also introducing those very organic elements (branches) into the theme as a constant linkage or lineage.  This we felt very much reflected the concerns we bring to our own practices.

Katherine Clewett Pendant Lighting Sculpture

Katherine Clewett
Pendant Lighting Sculpture














Pop Up Products will include:

Contemporary lighting solutions
Interior objects and interventions
Two and Three dimensional drawings
Paper products for accessorising your interior, and packing your products.

Shellie Holden  Paper packaging for packing your products

Shellie Holden
Paper packaging for packing your products










Further details including times and location will be posted soonish.