to salvage, re use, reclaimloop and chain, to gut and garter

Thought it was about time I started sharing information about the projects I am involved in, the things that interest me, and the ideas I have.

Included  here are images of my recent work from the group exhibition Everyone Everything held at the Ragged School, Swansea, South Wales

My instillation included a collection of material studies, alongside found objects, reclaimed materials, images and text, which were intended to create a narrative about some of the processes involved in making a piece of work.

This enabled me to extend my experience of working with unconventional materials, as well as to explore ideas related to ethical textile practice and sustainability, which were pertinent to both to this project and my own practice.

loop and chainunder treated floor boards lay, prison nails

"Made in Japan" rice paper finenessadopt 'nose to tail'