Introducing the…….

October 13, 2013

During the summer I was involved in a project for Kevin McClouds Manmade Home, broadcast by Optomen Television for Channel four. This involved research and experimentation both at home in Swansea and away, on location in the small town of Watchet, Somerset.  We were fortunate to have glorious weather, and I enjoyed working with Kevin, Will and the team at Optomen greatly.

Apart from being lots of fun, (I did get involved in more than I bargained for), the project had a serious underlying message about sustainability,  ethical textile practice and the value of traditional making skills in contemporary practice.

These are all aspects which I am hugely concerned with in my own practice and so the project was extremely appealing to me.

Without wanting to reveal too much (the episode has not yet been aired), below are a couple of onsite photographs of the initial consultation between Kevin McCloud and myself. I’ll reveal more about the processes and product after the episode has been released this evening. Image